Technology Award

The Viewpoint Technology Awards at Collaborate 2019

If you’ve transformed your business with Viewpoint software, then you could win a Viewpoint Technology Award!

The Viewpoint Technology Awards recognize Viewpoint customers who have found unique ways to transform their business with our software. We’re looking for unique uses of our solutions, innovative integrations to third party products and creative ideas in general that led to significant success or growth in your organization. We know they’re out there, so don’t delay. Enter today!

Winners will receive:

  • A free User Conference registration
  • The opportunity to present their story at Collaborate 2019!

Submissions for the Technology Awards can be submitted by any Viewpoint customer. Winners are determined based on their impact in improving their operational efficiencies and a willingness to share their story.

How do I enter? Click the link below and fill out the form to tell us about yourself. Describe what problem or challenge you were trying to solve, what processes or workflows are involved, what Viewpoint solution and/or third part integration you used, and how your business has benefited. 

2019 Award Submission Form

Don't wait - nominations are due by May 20th, 2019.